Pat will gladly care for chickens the landowner may already have and can obtain more. Pat can care for chicks from day one. 

Green housing will be needed for some winter plants. Pat can build these from salvaged windows and boards if approved by landlord.  There should be enough room for you to relax in the winter sun to reap great health benefits! Did you know it is illegal in the state of California for a doctor to prescribe sunshine for cancer--even though it is therapeutic? California doctors are required by law to prescribe only chemotherapy for cancer--regardless of scientific evidence to the contrary.

Soil preparation is one of the most important keys to successful growth and nutrition. Plants have various requirements. Until sufficient compost is available, ready mixed nutritional soils are economically accessible at some landscape supply yards. Pat can find out which amendments are needed and administer them.

Varying laws apply to travel trailers. Placer County (not within any city limits) is complaint-driven for travel trailers. If your neighbors  don't know about a trailer they can't complain. Pat and Richard's trailer is self contained with water, sewer, generator, and propane.  Richard can drive sewerage to a dump station weekly if needed. They have enough solar panels to provide all electricity needed. Panels do not fit on roof of the trailer;  fenced room on the ground is needed. Batteries and other equipment is needed to implement the solar panels. This will avoid use of the generator. When financially feasible, they will use satellite internet service. (A source of water and electric would be ideal at the begining.)

To accomodate computers, desk, files, out-of-season clothes, fabric, sewing machines, upright freezer, nostalgia, tools and supplies, Pat and Richard also have a Toyhauler. 
A barn or large shed would be ideal for animals, farm equipment and supplies.

Pat is available for singing, leading singing, speaking, Bible reading, praying and playing piano or organ as desired at private or public events on special occasions or regularly. She is fluent with traditional Christian music, hymns and gospel songs.  Her concerts are accompanied by the Ralph Carmichael orchestra and big band tracks.


This is a time when most folks feel a financial crunch. Creative ways are needed to cope. Pat is receiving Social Security retirement. Richard currently plans to retire from work in February 2014. Family expenses include rent on their mobile home space until it is sold, remodeling the mobile home for selling, paying off the cost of buying the trailer, Toyhauler and tow vehicle,  required insurances, vehicle maintenance, projects, utilities, communication and general living expenses.  Therefore they plan to sell their mobile home and live in the travel trailer at little or no cost and grow food to eat and share. In this way they can meet other's needs as well as their own. They welcome a contract with a landowner.

Pat and Richard have no dogs but enjoy them. They have two cats born May, 2009. Richard found 5-inch-long Tiger starving to death. Tiger doubled in length the first week home and tripled in length the second week. Brownie was obtained because Tiger wanted a playmate. The cats only go out after dark because neighbors do not want to see them. They would love to go outside during the day, too.  Pat and Richard realize each time the cats go out, they may never see them again.

Pat can begin working for you immediately. Their trailers can be moved onto your land when you desire.